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Auss Homes Underpinning has over 20 years of experience of serving customers.

We immaculate structural and foundations repair services at an reasonable cost and We are registered builders.

HIA members and are fully insured for construction works. If yours is an old house that needs reblocking in Melbourne, or a building that has been weakened due to external forces, we can help ensure you get to stay in a strong place for many more years to come.


Follow hurdle free methods and ensure customer satisfactory level.

Free structural inspections. We take a look at your home for FREE.

Affordable pricing unlike many other building companies and engineers.

15-year warranty in the rare case your home moves again, we’ll be back to stabilize your foundation at no extra cost.

No disruptions to your home’s structure: absolutely nothing gets knocked down

Serve you best quality work with our Expert team member and Pier Replacement & Repairs.

Ensure customer satisfactory level at top and make things more like our home.

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Do the doors of your home not close properly? When you walk in your home, do the floors move unnaturally? Most houses in Melbourne use either wooden or concrete stumps as a foundation to support the structure that sits above the ground. The stumps are vulnerable to rotting, deterioration, and cracks.

When the wear and tear affects the foundation, the house becomes an unsafe and unstable structure to live in. Restumping is the process where our experts fix any issues with the foundation by bolstering it with new stumps.

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House Leveling

Auss Homes are specialists in providing top notch house leveling service. We have been servicing the Melbourne metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs for many years.

The term house leveling can be used to describe the process of replacing the old timber stumps underneath your home with new stumps. This procedure is done after the old stumps have either weakened or the soil has moved underneath.

Auss Homes is a registered, insured business known for quality, reliability and professionalism.

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Reblocking is the process of restoring the foundations of a building on which the structure of a house rests. The term refers to the procedure of substitutions and repair of wooden or steel stumps that help the structure.In the event that the solid or wooden stumps underneath a house begin to break, reblocking experts replace the old stumps with new stumps.

Reblocking includes putting jacks to support the floor as the decayed stumps are dug up and removed. When the split stumps are removed from the base, new solid stumps are embedded in its place.

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