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Here at Auss Homes Underpinning, we have wide range of services for our customers. Also here we listen everything with a calm mind and set out all the points of our customers and share them all the details of process prior before the work we start.

We care about the things not above the time and cost, as we are very professional experts team and our very first motto is “Customer Happiness”.
As process might be in a different time by time but our experts always do the best with in the timescale and Here below is some of our services list:

home builders


Any structure in which wooden stumps are utilized loses its quality over a time frame. At the point when the integrity of the stumps slackens up, splits begin showing up in the pieces. For your security it is vital to fix this issue and resolve any supporting related issue.

underpinning services


Most houses in Melbourne use either wooden or concrete stumps as a foundation to support the structure that sits above the ground. The stumps are vulnerable to rotting, deterioration, and cracks. Restumping is the process where our experts fix any issues with the foundation by bolstering it with new stumps.

Retaining Wall Builders Melbourne

House Leveling

House leveling is a costly and tiring procedure which can be made simpler with the right skills and best equipment. Auss Homes is a registered, insured business known for quality, reliability and professionalism. This procedure is done after the old stumps have either weakened or the soil has moved underneath.

structural repair


Numerous reblocking companies just stress over completing your job as quickly as possible. They don’t take the time or effort to ensure that your reblocking requirements are met the best possible way, keeping future issues from emerging and keeping your home safe and secure.
Using Auss Homes reblocking service implies you’re continually getting the right service.

Auss Homes Services

House renovation

We pride ourselves on keeping you updated with the home renovations steps and plan with the professionalism that will make you to work with us once more. We can help you execute your home renovations plan precisely and enable you to explore the potential of your new home.

House and Building inspection report Melbourne

Building Inspections

House OR building inspections is essential while buying OR renting any property for you. Auss Home Melbourne offers best building inspection report service that help you to identify which areas and elements of the home need maintenance and the degree of maintenance or repairs.