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Are you looking to buy a home in Melbourne? Well, before you buy it, no matter whether it is old or recently built, do not forget to conduct a thorough home inspection in Melbourne. That’s because, with time, structures age and demand maintenance, repairs and replacements. Or if it’s newly built, sometimes there happen to be some issues with the structure. Our house inspection Melbourne helps you identify which areas and elements of the home need maintenance or repairs.

But, who do you trust when it comes to property inspections, Melbourne? The answer is Auss Homes. We are one of the most trusted experts for house inspections, Melbourne! We provide buyers with a comprehensive written builder’s report, comprising full-colour photos and a summary clearly indicating the prominent issues and details.

Our home and building inspection report, Melbourne, is easy to read. It allows a layperson to understand the various structural and safety issues of a building. Our construction inspector highlights the critical issues which require action in the immediate, short and medium-term future. The real colour photos we click would give the home buyer a clear knowledge of the issue, the affected area, the degree of damage, etc.

Get a Same-Day Building Condition Report with Auss Homes!

At Auss Homes, we understand the importance of the inspection we do and the report we submit. Hence, we ensure we deliver the report on the same day without unnecessarily delaying so the repair can begin as you plan. We will be available to have a detailed discussion with you after you see the inspection report to help you with the needed suggestions.

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    We can give you seven reasons so that you know why people trust us for property inspections in Melbourne:

    • Comprehensive reports, easy to read and understand
    • Visual evidence for a better understanding of the concern
    • Thorough inspection, detailed inspection of every corner of the property
    • We highlight prominent and critical issues that need immediate attention
    • Qualified and experienced construction and building inspectors that perform their job diligently
    • Delivery of the reports on the same day
    • Our surveyors always remain available to discuss the report with you

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