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Auss Homes are specialists in providing top notch house leveling service. We have been servicing the Melbourne metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs for many years.

The term house leveling can be used to describe the process of replacing the old timber stumps underneath your home with new stumps. This procedure is done after the old stumps have either weakened or the soil has moved underneath.

Why does the need for house leveling rise?

  • Soil can shrink with time
  • Shallow stump installation
  • Stump base surrounded by excessive moisture

When the damaged stumps are overlooked, the foundation droops and can lead to permanent damage. Any shift in the foundation basically weakens the house, causes splits and cracked walls.

House leveling Melbourne is a costly and tiring procedure which can be made simpler with the right skills and best equipment. Auss Homes is a registered and insured business known for quality, reliability and professionalism.

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    These are some signs that your home needs house levelling, including:

    • cracks in the walls
    • uneven or squeaking floors
    • doorways that get stuck

    In the event that you see any of these signs, it’s essential that you get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity. The more you delay it, the more these issues would become disastrous and costlier.



    • Consult experts right away when you notice the warning signs
    • Make sure to check out the background and qualifications of the company you hire


    • Do not procrastinate by putting it off again and again for later
    • DO NOT ever try to do it DIY way, it will be ineffective, not to mention extremely dangerous as well and it could also make it worse
    • Take decision after considering all the factors that matter from price to service quality
    • Only hire experts who have specialized knowledge of house leveling in Melbourne.

    Auss Homes is your best choice for house leveling OR floor leveling because:

    • We provide expert assessment
    • Amazing and Affordable Prices
    • Quality Services that give your home, increased durability
    • You can get free quote
    • We complete our job in the time frame that we committed to in the beginning of the project
    • We are entirely Australian owned and operated

    Most important reason to hire us is that all the members in our team are local and thus know and understand the community really well, which enables them to provide services with regard to your comfort and convenience and absolute satisfaction. Call us right away to get expert consultation on your home’s house leveling needs and book an appointment for the house leveling services in Melbourne.

    Auss Homes Underpinning looks after you in every aspect of your home-building journey. Take advantage of our special offers.

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