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Do the doors of your home not close properly? When you walk into your home, does the floor move unnaturally?

If something like this happens, you may require house restumping service for your building’s foundations.

At Auss Homes, we spend significant time providing productive and proficient restumping Melbourne solutions for strengthening feeble structures and taking houses back to the right dimension. By the advantage of years of experience, we have a clear understanding of building strategies and can guarantee that your structure is solid. Regardless of whether you need assistance with the best restumping, searching for a structural renovations service, or sinking issues. We can help you take care of almost every foundation related problem.

A loose ground can result in subsidence prompting an uneven structure. Outrageous climate and change in the dirt condition can likewise prompt structures to move downwards. At the point when a structure experiences subsidence, the foundation of the structure isn’t supported effectively and can cause permanent damage, restumping becomes necessary.

With our precise solutions for affordable restumping service in Melbourne, we can enable you to get a solid structure. You can depend on our capable service for all your home restumping needs. For many years our restumping service specialists and engineers have served individuals in the Melbourne area and effectively restored, raised and re-leveled homes.

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    Most houses in Melbourne use either wooden or concrete stumps as foundation to support the structure that sits above the ground. The stumps are vulnerable to rotting, deterioration, and cracks.

    When wear and tear affects the foundation, the house becomes an unsafe and unstable structure to live in. Restumping service Melbourne is the process where our experts fix any issues with the foundation by bolstering it with new stumps.


    At Auss Homes, we take care of all aspects related to providing a new foundation for your home. They include choosing the type of house stumps are built on, either concrete stumps or timber stumps.

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The former is more cost effective than the latter and can be used in damp conditions where the metal reinforcements of concrete stumps tend to rust and expand.

    The disadvantage of timber stumps is that their life expectancy is relatively shorter when compared to their concrete cousin. Another drawback of the wooden variety is that it cannot be firmly secured to the bearers as concrete stumps. Our contractors analyse the soil type and the ground conditions before suggesting an appropriate type of stump. Providing the right quote for house restumping Melbourne.

    Once the right kind of stump is selected, we then proceed to draw up a contract with our client where the following details are finalised:

    • The number of stumps that will be used and the spacing between them.
    • On completion of the work, the level to which the floors will be brought back. If the floorboards need to be removed and to what condition the floor will then be reinstated.
    • The restumping will be completed according to building regulations
    • Whether a council building permit has to be obtained would be taken care of.
    • The start and finish date of the project.


    Auss Homes believes in providing the best foundation repairing services for our clients. We try to achieve this goal by constant monitoring of our work. The checkpoints that we look for are:

    • The proper re-levelling of floors. We check this by using a dumpy level, which gives a more accurate reading than a spirit level.
    • Whether the new stumps are securely fixed to the bearers and whether they are positioned underneath the junction of two bearers.
    • If the stumps are not located over any pads, where they are used.
    • If there are caps that fill the gap between the stumps and bearers.

    Auss Homes Underpinning looks after you in every aspect of your home-building journey. Take advantage of our special offers.

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