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Auss Homes Underpinning Melbourne is preferred choice for house and commercial underpinning for Melbournians!


Leaking pipes, collapsing plumbing, compromised drainage, tree root damages, dried soil or wet soil, clogged gutters, diagonal cracks in walls, getting stuck windows gaps in exterior of windows and doors, uneven floors, jammed doors and warped floors are all signs that your house needs underpinning.

Through the process of underpinning, the foundation of a building can be restored by replacing, restoring or adding stumps. It is important that underpinning services get done by experts who have the right skills and experience for the job. Because your home is considered to be your shelter and it cannot be compromised because of poor handling of such services.

Auss Homes Underpinning is one stop solution for your all underpinning needs. Our skilled team of professionals are experts in stabilising structures and strengthening the foundation of any building.

Auss Homes Underpinning works to give your home and family a safety. It is so comforting to know that the foundations of the structure you live in or work in is strong and sound! We are here to give you that peace of mind. We give affirmation that with the foundation that we set out, your structures will never at any point have an issue. Our best in class underpinning services are available all over Melbourne at the most conceivable underpinning cost. Auss Homes is in charge of establishing a strong foundation for your building to make it solid and tough.

Why would you need Underpinning in Melbourne?

In some cases, the original foundation is not strong enough to hold the structure stable and safe for a long time.

Sometimes, the utilisation of buildings can be changed and that can create imbalance due to changed weights and activities etc.

The quality of soil can also change with time and eventually cause the need of Underpinning services in Melbourne.

Any structure in which wooden stumps are utilised loses its quality over a time frame. At the point when the integrity of the stumps slackens up, splits begin showing up in the pieces. For your security it is vital to fix this issue and resolve any supporting related issue.

We go through a range of procedures to restore or replace the stumps to strengthen the foundations. This improves the quality of the structure.

What are the types of Underpinning?

  • Concrete Underpinning
  • Screw Piles Underpinning
  • Resin Injection Underpinning
  • Underpinning by Cantilever Needle Beam Method
  • Pier and Beam Underpinning
  • Mini Piled Underpinning

Why should you opt for Auss Homes Underpinning Melbourne?

  • Tempting Prices
  • Minimal invasions
  • Resident Convenient (No need to move out in most cases)
  • Punctuality and Short Time Service Delivery
  • Accuracy
  • Expertise and Experience
  • Reputable for Quality Services

Call Auss Homes Underpinning Melbourne to know more about our underpinning procedure, underpinning cost, and our ensured service!

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